Calama with it's sound 40 years engineering background can offer you mechanical design outsourcing and design & development of tools, jigs, fixtures, molds, patterns, etc., to improve productivity, cost, safety and quality for products. Calama has gained engineering expertise since 1962. Our team of Electrical, Mechanical, Industrial & Software Engineers use proven methods to conceive, design, prototype, so that you can achieve the following benefits :

  • Lower your Overheads and decrease product development costs with concept engineering.

  • Decrease your time to penetrate the market

  • Have a variety of innovative Products through mechanical design outsourcing.

We have a variety of machines for every engineering operation. Our design and development engineers are experts in handling complex jobs. We have expertise in the below areas :

  • Tool Design

  • Product Design

  • Engineering Services


We can help you in designing tool's, jig's, fixture's, template's, mould's and Pattern's
with concept engineering which you require to manufacture complex jobs. The above being very compact, versatile and simple to use so even a layman can use it. thus, improving the productivity, quality, consistency & durability of the product. Due the optimum design & development of tool done by our experienced engineers, tool & die makers, we would always offer you the most economical & efficient tool design.

Our expertise includes developing the following :

  • Progressive
  • Die Casting Moulds
  • Pastic Moulds
  • Welding Fixtures
  • Pattern Development for Complex Castings. 

PRODUCT DESIGN : ( mechanical design outsourcing )

We having a strong engineering base & high end CAD Package. We can work out product design & development with the help of concept engineering solutions for most kinds of products  by our mechanical design outsourcing program.

Our expertise includes :

  1. Complete Product Design
            > Concept Development
            > Detailed Engineering Design
            > Reverse Engineering
  2. 2D / 3D Modelling      
            > Part Modelling
            > Solid Modelling
            > Surface Modelling
            > Assembly Modelling
            > 2D to 3D Conversion
            > Design Automation & Customization
  3. Manufacturing Application
           > CNC Programming
           > Special Purpose Machines Development
           > Pattern Development
           > Tool & Fixture Development 
           > Mould & Die Development

Our total team of Mechanical, Electrical, Industrial & Software Engineers can take charge of any entire project execution or services required by the customers with the help of concept engineering.

Our expertise includes :

  1. Fast Prototyping
  2. Testing of Prototypes
  3. Testing & Design Verification of Products & long term engineering support
  4. Design Specification
  5. Design for Manufacturing
  6. Value Analysis